Dream High Season 2

The second season of Dream High aired in 2012, and is often heard of as the not so good follow up to the first season.

But I bid to differ.

This season too is packed with kpop stars such as; JB and Jr. from Got7 – who when the drama aired was known as JJ Project – , Park Ji Yeon from T-ara, Hyorin from SISTAR, Jiwoon from 2AM with more artists as well as a cameo from IU as her character Kim Pil Sook and Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong.

Even though there are few recurring characters other than J.Y. Park, and the once proud Kirin Art School has fallen to lower standards, the story is still a great one. I would even say it’s as good as the first season.


Kirin Art School is no longer the school for talented young people, and has lost its reputation. Parts of the school has been turned into a dorm, and it seems about anyone can get in. Even people without any talent. 

Shin hae Sung (Kang So Ra) are one of these students, who seem to have no talent connecting to the stage what so ever. She can’t dance, she can’t sing and

Meanwhile a new law has been enforced and minor idols now can’t perform after 10 am and has to be in school at least 20 hours a week. Despite this rule, the duo Eden steps unto the stage after 10 am, resulting in Eden and the minors in their company – Oz entertainment – being banned from any activity on stage. 

This leads to the president of the company buying Kirin Art School, only to try to build up the school once again to its former glory. But changes made to the system of the school and the dorm rooms creates a rift between the students and the idols.

How will they be able to work together, if at all? 


This second season of Dream High has a sense of melancholy over it. Especially with the english teacher Yang Jin Man (J.Y. Park) remembering the group from the previous season, remembering the greatness that ones was.

I would think this is the reason why so many feel like the second season was a let down, because you harbor the same feelings as Yang Jin Man, sadness and loss from the previous season.
But I can promise you, the second season of Dream High got just as strong storyline as the first season, with the good feeling energy and the struggles as before, only with a different bunch of personalities.


For you who have seen the first season, I would say the second season is a must, even though the heartbreak will be raging in your heart, and the few glimpses of the season 1 characters will make you sit there like a person with a life fully passed in front of you, it’s absolutely worth it.

For Dream High Season 2 will capture your heart just as the first season did.


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