Dramaworld – the drama for and by the fangirls

“Dramaworld” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s … “Dramaworld”.

How many times have we wished to be a part of the drama we were watching, actually standing beside the characters, or just plainly replacing the 1st lead woman so you could be the one the 1st lead man would fall in love with (or the other way around)?


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I at least do not have a exact number to that question, and I’m guessing it’s the same for you.

Just as Netflix has their original series (you can also find “Dramaworld” on Netflix), “Dramaworld” is viki‘s original series. It’s a American-Korean drama and the first of its kind. There are 10 episodes, lasting between 9 to 19 minutes.

“Dramaworld” is all about the cliches, and we know them all as well. I would call this web series a parody in itself, making you as a fan so very aware of every little cliche and act we know we can find in almost every drama.


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Claire is a normal teenager, well almost normal. She’s a huge kdrama fan and will do anything to catch the latest episode of an ongoing drama with her favorite actor (on viki of course), so much in fact that it distract her from her work (although she works at a coffeeshop her father owns).
One night as she is closing up the café, of course watching the latest episode of a drama, she trips and ruins the screen of her phone, but instead of just staying broken the phone transports Claire into Dramaworld.
In Dramaworld Claire meets Seth who tells her all about Dramaworld, showing her the strings on how the dramas are actually made, all the while Claire only hears half of what he says and spends most her time fangirling.
But with her arrival to Dramaworld, disturbances throws everything off balance and the dramas itself begins to chance merging into each other, and it is up to Claire to figure out how to fix it. Without falling for the 1st male lead in the ongoing drama she had been watching. 


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This is a drama for the international fans, and the main character Claire sure did speak my thoughts as she enters the world of “Dramaworld”.

If you haven’t watched this yet, you’re really missing a gem. American or not, this web series is one of a kind and a must watch for everyone who watches kdrama, jdrama or any other asian drama.


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