20’s – Mobile drama

Looking for a short drama to lift your spirit in between the more long lasting dramas or the ongoing ones?

Then I would recommend the mobile drama “20’s” also known as “Twenty Years Old” from 2014. With only 4 episode lasting between 20-25 min each episode, this is a quick, but very enjoyable watch.

This drama is just straight out sweet and with the innocent love so many enjoy watching.

This is one of the few dramas both the main actors star in, and seeing them in this definitely makes you wish they acted more. Lee Ki Kwang is one of the members in the boy group B2st, also known as BEAST, and despite his music career has appeared in a few more dramas than Lee Da In.


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Once classmates Lee Ki Kwang (Lee Ki Kwang, B2st) and Kim Hye Rim (Lee Da In) meet again in their 20’s (hence the title), Lee Ki Kwang an idol and Kim Hye Rim a normal girl. Love blossoms between these two, but their loves prove hard to live with as it all has to be kept secret from the rest of the world, both from friends and crazy fans. Easier said than done.


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It’s a while since I saw this drama, but even though it is small and I’ve watched a ton of other good dramas after this one, it’s a hard one to forget. I myself keep going back to it, cherishing the feeling these amazing actors carry through the whole story, making it more than believable.

Don’t believe me?

Give it a try yourself!


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