Dream High Season 1

Dream High. A drama from 2011 featuring many of today’s greatest kpop stars.

This was my first ever Korean drama, and the idea for the drama originally came from J.Y Park, the former C.E.O of JYP entertainment, who himself has a role in both the first and the second season (which I will come back to in another post) of this drama.

This drama is an excellent kick off into the Korean entertainment industry, both drama and music. Why? Because the story follows a group of teenagers getting into a music school, where they learn music and dance to perfection.

Sounds familiar?

Yeah, I would say it’s a softer version of how trainees work. And it is brilliant.


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Go Hye Mi (Bae Suzy) finds herself in the middle of her father’s debt repayment. The Loan sharks have been chasing her all day, but a guy comes to her rescue after he found her wallet on the ground wanting to give it back to her. 

A little escape isn’t enough for Hye Mi to get away from the loan sharks though, as she finds herself in the office of their boss. He tells her she is the only source of money in her family, all she has to do is get into Kirin Art school (which she has repeatedly talked down on) and become an idol. With the threat of them using her younger sibling to make the money their father owes him, Go Hye Mi is off to Kirin Art School. Quiet the downer for this arrogant girl with a great singing voice for something entirely different than pop music. 

This is where she becomes a part of a group of teenagers who turn after turn finds themselves in possession of a  a lucky necklace, and the road for Go Hye Mi to pay back her father’s debt seems to get harder by the day. 

What she didn’t expect to find on her path to becoming an idol, is friends and a nemesis for life, maybe even love. 


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This drama is packed with kpop idols suchs as Bae Suzy from MissA, TaecYeon and WooYoung from 2PM, IU and Ham Eun Jung from T-ara. You also meet the talented Kim Soo Hyun as one of the main characters.

For someone who is just discovering the world of kdrama, this is a good start. You don’t really have the usual lean woman, lead man, second lead woman and second lead man in this one, as they managed to tell more than just one character’s story at a time.

If you thought music was just music, and those who practice it live only by that, then think again, because Dream High season 1 is going to show you just how much like ourselves these people really are.


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